Monday, August 31, 2015

Interview with AshleyRose Sullivan author of Silver Tongue

Silver Tongue is an alternate history story. Where did that idea come from?

I’ve always been interested in history. I love going deeper into the big stories and learning about how everything lined up to give us the present we have today. At some point I was reading about the American Revolutionary War and how Washington’s crossing of the Delaware was such a pivotal moment. I remember looking at Leutze’s famous painting of the crossing and thinking, “What if the very next moment, Washington fell off the boat and drowned? What might have happened?” It sort of spun out from there.
I’d been wanting to write a supernatural YA novel—a novel for my teenage self—and the idea of these three best friends facing a crazy, mixed up world together all snapped together.

What makes Claire such a strong character?
Her determination, I think. When the book opens Claire has a lot of potential and a great foundation but she’s not really sure of anything in her life because everything around her seems to be changing. Still, when tragedy strikes and something needs to be done, Claire’s right there, in the thick of it. She’s not afraid to act. Whether she’s ready for something or not, she just jumps in. She’ll do anything to protect her friends.

If you were Claire how would you reacted differently?

If I were Claire I’d probably be using my super powers for nefarious purposes.

How do you feel bringing characters like Frankenstein will change the way the reader will look at the story?

I love it when fiction and reality blend together and I hope my readers will too. I hope it might encourage readers to pick up these old books. Modern genre fiction owes so much to classic gothic literature and, even after all these years, it still has so much to teach us.

Bringing in the character of Sam who is a descendant of George Washington brings about some secrets. How did you feel about this character when writing him, was it hard, easy?

Sam is struck from the byronic hero mold in that he’s handsome and broody and secretive. So, in that way, he was easy. But, I also wanted to make my own mark on this character type. Sam is a teenage guy with more secrets and responsibility than anyone his age should have to deal with. Because of that, he’s often at odds with himself and I tried to convey that and make him a fuller character.

The one thing you hope readers will get out of Silver Tongue after reading it?

Life gets better, fuller, richer the more you live it. Don’t give up.

Any current projects you are working on you can share with our readers?

I’m currently working on the next Silver Tongue and Awesome Jones books!

Where can people find out more about you?

I have a website where you can learn a little about the different stuff I do. I also have a (somewhat) daily blog.

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