Thursday, May 28, 2015

Interview with Brick Marlin author of Shadow out of the Sky

I had a chance to talk with Brick Marlin author of Shadow out of the Sky. You can see my review of this book here

How did old monster movies play a role in writing Shadow out of the Sky?

Vintage monster flicks really played a role by reflecting on movies such as Children Of The Corn and even Gage character from Pet Cemetery. 

When writing Shadow out of the Sky, did you picture the images that were included with the final publication of this story?

Yes. I pictured the entity as a lurking shadow. When asked to choose the design of the book cover and interior illustrations, I leaned toward the grim reaper, since this entity did hold the title of Death, forcing the world into an apocalypse. I wrote the demonic children with a touch of zombie, the attitude of Damian from The Omen or even the kids in Children of the Corn. The flood of various characters who struggled throughout the tale, fighting for survival, I pictured as southern folk.

When the idea for Shadow out of the Sky came about, how much of personal experience or research did you use?

The only personal experience I used were the development of characters, people I know, each having a southern accent. However, Shro was an exception, being a redneck.  

How would you describe Martha as a character?

Martha may be a petite, quiet lady, but when it comes to her survival in this horrid tale an instinct to fight for her life surfaces.

The story feels dark, yet almost as if you are watching a movie, was that your intention for the reader?

Not really, but I am glad the tale unfolded that way, since the tale is set at night. 

If this became a movie or TV series, who could you envision playing the villain of the story?

I think Eric Roberts would be a good cast for the entity. I have really enjoyed his work, being such a versatile actor in many different movies and television shows. He could possibly bring more characteristics to the creature, more than I may have not realized.

What is the one thing you would want readers to get out of reading Shadow out of the Sky?

I wish for the reader to engage in the horror and enjoy the twists and turns, hoping they will want more once the last page is turned. 

Since this is the beginning of a series, when can readers expect more?

I am hoping the next book will be released this year. I turned in the next installment a few months ago to my publisher. The story takes a different turn, more into the realm of dark science fiction. 

Where can people learn more about you?

Please visit my website, friend me on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter.

Where can people purchase Shadow out of the Sky?

You can purchase the book online at Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, Books-A-Million or, those wishing to buy a signed copy, please email me at

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Review of Shadow out of the Sky-by Brick Marlin

Shadow out of the  Sky
Brick Marlin
Seventh Star Press, LLC

Brick Marlin has written some fantastic work. Yet, I believe this is one of his best works. Shadow out of the Sky, takes place in a small countryside. There are different characters that stories are told of them, each with a twist and each merging into one another.

However, there is a constant source of evil that comes and kills with a striking force; some can't believe what is going on, while others take their stand to fight this drastic entity.

What amazes me is the strength of these characters through all this turmoil. Brick Marlin does a wonderful job of making you feel as if these images you read are real. I of course loved the images that were included in this book. It added to the draw of what you were experiencing.

The villain, the villain became my favorite part of the story. The character was rich with description and history; none in which I would take away as a bad thing, but a total awe inspiring tale of why and vengeance.

I would recommend this book as one that you read during the day; don't turn the lights out.